Surrounding Destinations

Kartchner Caverns TOUR


The newest southwest attraction, opened 1999.  Tour fascinating underground caverns. 


Colossal Cave


This cave is a perfect 70 degrees year round, and possibly the largest “dry” or “dormant” cave in North America.  The hand-set flagstone walkways, handrails and lights make the 45 minute guided tour comfortable and beautiful.


Biosphere 2 TOUR


This beautiful Visitor Center blends science exhibits in a 3 acre glass enclosure eplicating the earth’s ecosystems.  The guided tour will explain a 32-part hands-on exhibit which focuses on the future of the planet.



Titan Missile Museum


Home of the Arizona Aviation Hall of Fame, the Titan Missile Museum offers a collection of vintage and current aircraft.  For over 20 years during the cold war 54 Titan II missiles were maintained and ready in underground silos - able to be launched within one minute. 


Mount Lemmon


Enjoy a cool drive up to forest country to escape from the city heat.